My Coming Out…

I’m coming out! Not from a closet or as a young woman making her social debut. Not with a new face puffed and reconstructed with plastic surgery tucks here and there, or from a longtime marriage, a woman mapped with wrinkles and lazy skin entering the world of singles. No!

I’m coming out as a writer with a new website where I’m going to strut my stuff. After years of writing stories and novels and poems and screenplays, I’ve decided I’m coming out. As a WRITER!

When people ask me what I do, I’m going to say, “I write!”  When they ask what I write, I’m going to tell them. When they ask if I have been published, I can say, “YES!”

No more with the self-effacing nod of the head, no more of the joke, “I’m working on getting rich and famous,” no more of the white lies why I can’t go places. No. I can’t go because I have WORK to do. l have something I must say.  I have characters demanding I give them a voice. I have Time banging at my door. “Get with it, kid, I’m just outside, and with every tick-tock, I take away your chance to write another chapter, another paragraph, another line, another word.

I invite all you writers to join me. Come on out!

2 Responses to My Coming Out…

  1. Anna Tran says:

    Thank you for your wisdom, courage, inspiration, and openness, Elizabeth. I love reading your website, and am looking forward to reading many more of your works! You are Awesome, and a Gift!!


  2. Krissy says:

    beautiful ,so glad I found this ,amazing work!!!

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