Confessions of a Catholic Child – workshop production of early version, College of Marin’s Black Box Theatre, 1997; Finalist, Writer’s Network, 1998; Staged Reading, Long Beach Playhouse, 1999; Writer’s Digest Playwriting Competition (5th Place out of field of 9000 scripts,) 1999; French Speaking Rights Optioned, Jean Pierre Avoine, Qc, 1999; Staged Reading Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles, 2000; Finalist, The Proscenium Theatre, 2003; Finalist Film Festival, 2003; Full Production, Virtual Theatre Project, Los Angeles, 2007. Published by International Reader’s Theatre, 1998.

Moon Walkers – Staged Reading, Sonoma Repertory Theatre, 2000; Staged Reading, Do Gooders Productions, New York, 2001; Staged Reading, Actor’s Theatre, Santa Rosa, CA, 2001; Writer’s Digets Playwriting Competition (9th Place out of field of 19,000 scripts); Staged Reading, Virtual Theatre Project, starring James Denton (Desperate Housewives,) Los Angeles, 2007.  semi-finalist O’Neill Playwriting Conference, 2008.
Runaways’ Eyes – short one-act play for handicap actor, Finalist, College of Marin Short Play Festival, 1997. Performed for handicap groups throughout the county.
Journal of a Common Man, one-act play, Best Play and Best Actor, Dominican College Festival of Short Plays, 2003.
Squawk! A Comic Opera for Caberat – produced as dinner theatre, critically acclaimed.
Chalk Lines, a full-length play, semi-finalist O’Neill Playwriting Conference, 2019. 
Lessons from the Gypsy Camp – adaptation novel. Third Place, PNWA, 2004; Finalist, Script Spectacular, 2004; Finalist, Austin International Film Festival/Script, 2005; Finalist, Writer’s Network, 2005; First Prize, Nevada State Film commission Screenplay Competition, 2006; Finalist, Page Awards, 2007; optioned by Lane Management, 2007.
Moon Walkers (the film) – Semi-Finalist, Acclaim Screenwriting Competition, 2007; Acclaim, Semit-Finalist, 2007; Quarter Fade In:, Quarter Finalist, 2007; Write Movies, Semi-Finalist, 2008; Page Awards, Quarter Finalist, 2008; Story Pros, Quarter Finalist, 2008; Writer’s Place, Finalist, 2008; Moondance, Semi-Finalist, 2008.
Orgasms and Other Lies – Finalist, Acclaim Entertainment, 2003; Semi-Finalist, Writer’s Network, 2003; Semi-Finalist, Moondance International Screenwriting Competition, 2006; Finalist, Script Spectacular, 2007; Nevada State Film Commission Screenplay Competition, 2007; Finalist, Blue Cat Screenwriting Competition, 2010.
Screening Device – optioned by OK Productions, Los Angeles, 1999; Finalist, Script Spectacular, 2009.
Trusted Friends  – Page Awards, Second Round, 2012; Bankable Scripts, First Round, 2012; CWA, Preliminary Finalist, 2012; Moondance, Semi-Finalist, 2012, Big Bear International Screenwriting Competition, 2012; Semi-Finalist, Script Spectacular, 2012.
 Swimming Toward the Butterscotch Man, Storied Crossings, Scribes Hill, 2002.
Tiger Rose, 100 Finalists, Writer’s Digest Mainstream/Literary Short Story competition, 2003; published by Scribes Valley Publishing, 2005.
Fragile Decisions, Washington Blues, 2003.
Warnings from the Bathtub, Snake Nation,  2004.
Lost Language, Finalist, Writer’s Digest Mainstream/Literary Short Story Competition; Finalist, Ann Arbor Book Festival.
Falling Backward, First Place, Semi Valley Short Story Competition, 2005; National American Pen Women, 2005.
Stain, Finalist, Edelstein Fiction Prize, 2006; Quarter-Finalist, Fade In and Writer’s Network, 2006; published by Binnicle.
The Sentry, Third Place, Southwest Literary Competition, 2005; Third Place, Moondance Short Story category, 2006; published, North Atlantic Review, 2007.
Turnings, Screne4 e-zine, September, 2012.
Easy Made Hard, official selection to over 20 film festivals: Gold Remi, Houston WorldFest, 2009.
Warnings from the Bathtub, official selection to 6 film festivals, Gold Remi, Houston WorldFest, 2011.







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